Our fundamental investment research focuses on identifying quality businesses with sound balance sheets, strong management, above average growth prospects and high returns on equity. Our expertise lies in our ability to look through the noise of short-term market movements and invest in businesses that have a meaningful competitive advantage.

Our unique multiple portfolio manager approach allows our portfolio managers the freedom to use their experience and judgement to make investment decisions individually rather than by consensus. Under this approach our portfolio managers focus on their best investment ideas to generate performance. This creates accountability, an environment that optimises knowledge sharing and provides our clients with access to the experience and knowledge of all our investment team.

Protecting capital is an important element of our investment approach. We have a strong and practical approach to risk that focuses on avoiding companies that are structurally challenged, highly geared or have poor governance standards.

Investment Approach

Northcape’s investment approach relies on high quality fundamental investment research, good judgement, constructive debate and the experience of our investment team.

Our focus is on constructing a portfolio of carefully selected, high-quality businesses that delivers resilient and sustained long-term performance for clients.

Environment, Social, Governance

Northcape aims to be a responsible investor. The consideration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors is a core component of our research process and fundamental to the risk assessment of any investment.