Global Equities

Our Global Equities strategy was established in 2019. It offers a concentrated portfolio of high quality businesses in global equity markets. Our fundamental investment research is focused on identifying companies that exhibit quality characteristics such as sustainable growth, strong profitability, a defendable market position, strong balance sheets and superior ESG. We are patient investors with a long-term investment horizon. The outcome is a low-turnover portfolio of carefully selected businesses that delivers resilient and sustained performance for clients.

Investment Objective To outperform the benchmark over rolling 3-5 year periods
Benchmark MSCI World Accumulation Index in A$
Stocks held in portfolio Typically between 20-40 high quality stocks
Investment Options Discrete Mandate for Institutional Clients only or Wholesale Trust*
Fund Inception Northcape began managing money in this strategy in August 2019
Investment Team Fleur Wright, Theo Maas, Calvin Lim, Wendy Herringer
*A discrete mandate is available for a minimum mandate size of A$30 million (negotiable). Our trusts are only available to wholesale investors with a minimum investment of A$5 million.


Fund Profile

More detailed information about our Global Equities fund can be found in the current Fund profile.